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September 12, 2009


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Kimberly Torres

I was just wondering in the worse case senerio what happens if you fail the written portion of it? How do u retest for something like this? I've been told they can mail it to you or u have to sign up again and retake written portion of test. Does anyone know the answer to this?


Thank you so much for this!

Chanel Handbags

IT IS hard to look at the Capitol in Washington, DC, without a frisson of excitement

R Shaw

Thank-you for this and the GroupFit blog link. I felt prepared for the AFAA day with your help.


Hello, I emailed you a while ago when I took the personal fitness instructor exam. I passed :) and I am now taking the group cert. exam, and i have to say I am pretty surprised that there are no strengthening moves in the group exercise text, but there are a whole bunch in the personal fitness instructor text, specifying prime movers and all. Just a little hint of advice for whoever looks on here in the future, I think I'll probably mention it to them when I go for the exam. why test people on it if its not in the book?!?! Almost seems like you should have personal fitness before group exercise cert? I dunno, but thanks for your great advice. I am so much more prepared now, and much less nervous!! :)


besides the required book ($69), do you guys recommend the DVD ($20), Practice test ($20), reference manual ($39) &/or the deluxe study package ($129). thanks for your help!!


do you recommend the full study kit??


How can you change your workshop date?

Ashley B

So I just got my study guide in the mail (I take my test Sept 9th 2011) and it goes along with the new Fitness Theory and Practice when I have the older version. I can NOT for the love of me find the answer to this question: List a minimum of 4 exercise recommendations outlined by the USDHHS and ACSM.
This is referring to Youth Fitness.

ANyone know?


Becca, I'm taking the same exam, I have not yet gotten to that part but I hope the following helps.

"In schools, most kids taking physical education are participating in group or team sports. That's not what adults do," said Corbin. "We want lifetime activity, so we have to start helping focus kids on what they do in adulthood, like walking, jogging, cycling, resistance exercise, individual sports, and activities in and around the home, such as yard work and gardening. We also need to teach life skills and provide an environment to nurture activity."

Corbin pointed out that many studies tracking physical activity behaviors suggest the "rich get richer and the poor get poorer." Those who are activity-rich get more opportunities to be active while those who are least active (the poor) often have fewer opportunities. However, he notes, there are active kids who grow up to be inactive adults.

"The high school football player may become inactive in adulthood once he loses the opportunity and camaraderie of the sport after graduation," said Corbin. "Teaching a lasting set of life skills that involves physical activity on a daily basis is more likely to influence kids later in life."

ACSM's Health & Fitness Summit & Exposition is going on now at The Buena Vista Palace at Walt Disney World. For more information on the event, or to speak with staff in the on-site media office, please call 407-938-6156 (through Friday, April 14, 2006).

The American College of Sports Medicine is the largest sports medicine and exercise science organization in the world. More than 20,000 International, National and Regional members are dedicated to promoting and integrating scientific research, education and practical applications of sports medicine and exercise science to maintain and enhance physical performance, fitness, health and quality of life.


Disregard above post.

Ashley, refer to page 240, Part 5 middle 3rd paragraph.


our hints were pretty useful. My cert class only had 12 people so it was a bit different. My suggestions: Complete the entire study guide and read it cover to cover every day. It's only 30 pages or so, but it helps. Also, commit 3 Hi/Lo moves and a transition move to memory, then repeat like crazy. They are only looking for 3 movements and how to intensify them. Just make sure you can maintain good form because that is key. Last, call AFAA before the test day and get clarifications. They encourage simplicity, while we instructors try to make everything so hard.



sorry that was not my post - I thot is was a good one and copied to my notes -

my bad


Having difficulty posting here, will try again.
Hi, thank you so much for this blog. I am preparing for my certificate with my test day on Sept 9th (looming right there)

I am terrified as I have never taught any fitness-yoga - nothing except fashion design, I was a fashion designer in my past life and now and transitioning ;0

I did try the links you posted Group Fit Power as I need all the tips I can get, but it only goes to an unrelated site. I loved the videos especially #1 and will learn a lot from that.

Any other tips? I got it loud and clear about the muscle group demo and flex demo.

is the test all multiple choice?
On the muscle groups do they ask you for the actual names of the muscles or do you demonstrate the muscle as they call it or is it multiple choice?


Did you find that you needed all of the materials they recommend? Getting the book makes sense but what about the DVD and the practice test? I'm taking my group fit cert on Sept 9th.

I have a background in Anatomy and Physiology so I'm not too worried about that info. Mostly I'm concerned with the specific AFAA details they ask you to know. Like JTori I tried the GroupFit Power links and they didn't work. Just so you know. The videos were helpful though.

Thanks for the tips.


Thank you for posting this. I am taking my AFAA exam this coming Sunday. I'm wondering if you remember any of the groupfitpower recommendations, their website seems to be down.


Nicole Maniez, LicAc (@myacupuncture)

thanks so much for sharing this! it was really helpful!!!!

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