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Since December 2008, I've lost 15 lbs and I hope to continue my healthy habits of nutritious eating + frequent, fun exercising.

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July 23, 2009


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Thanks for that post. Maybe I need to get that book. I've done horribly this year(gain 6 pounds in the last couple weeks :( ) and right how want to lose 15-20. I'm just really in a rut. But, the post was encouraging!! :)


very encouraging! you are awesome!


I enjoyed reading your post and you know I am an ellie Krieger follower too! I've been in a rut the last 1 1/2 years - I am still tossing back and forth on whether or not I am mentally ready for it...and the truth is I'm not. So while I'm in limbo, I continue to excerise daily and try to eat moderately. I wish I was 10 lbs lighter but try to make the best of it until I'm motivated to make it happen again...and the underlying issue subsides :)


I am so happy that you found a new approach to finding balance in your life.... this year was much the same for me (post baby)

I was so used to counting calories and over exercising and doing a TON of unhealthy things that I was SO tired of it all and deciede to NEVER diet like that again.

it's been a fun, rewarding and even BUMPY road to self discovery (because it's been more about emotional eating and attachments to food than the "diet" itself) but I too have found a lot of happiness in THIS journey, and it's one i'll never leave!

good for you!!!!!!

Mrs. D

Good for you! And, you are encouraging others too. Now, I need to pull my Ellie book back out and actually finish reading it. = )


great post! i have been stuck in a huge exercise rut lately and i'm just now getting back to the gym. i have to remember that i feel sooo much better after working out. congrats on all of your hard work!!!

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