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Since December 2008, I've lost 15 lbs and I hope to continue my healthy habits of nutritious eating + frequent, fun exercising.

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June 21, 2009


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What an invigorating training experience!! Fabulous!!

'Fire Burning' = I'm obsessed with that song, haha :-D


YAY! Sounds like things are moving along good!

Hate to say it but my Wii Fit is collecting some serious dust.


how and where do you join?

Diana @ The Chic Life

These classes are only offered locally, so your best bet is to go to and click on the "instructor training" link:




Just wondering how much experience you had with Zumba before going to training? I teach other group fitness classes but have never tried Zumba before. Our gym is keen for people to go to instructor training - what can I expect?

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zumba? ahhh is that thing about dance and good health, right? if this is the case, I took some classes for a week, and the true is that is so good.


Good to know what to expect. I signed up for a class. Your pics are cute!

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