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February 11, 2009


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DH and I pay off our credit card bill each month. We don't put money on the credit card that we don't have; we use our debit card most of the time, but for online purchases we prefer to use the credit card because it's easier to dispute charges if someone were to charge the wrong amount or swipe the number or something.

We had 2 education loans, but I paid off one in full this year. We had been paying the loan off over the course of 10 years because the interest rate was so low and we could invest the money that we weren't using to pay it off and receive a higher rate of income than what we were paying in interest. But the last year we weren't making money on our investments because of the whole stock market/economy tanking thing.

So now I pay extra on one of our mortgages with the money that was going towards the student loan. It would be great to get one of our home loans paid off early! I don't have any celebration plans, just the lack of debt and less interest paid.


The only debt I have ever had is student loans. But I still have them :( I never bought anything else (besides education) that I didn't have the money for. I'm not sure when they'll be paid off. I was hoping to finish them this year, but now that I'm not working I'm not sure anymore. Luckily Bobby helps me out with other things, but I do want to pay off the student loans on my own. We don't own a house (yet) but I'm sure that we'll have a mortgage when that does happen. I'm not sure what I'll do when I finish the student loans - back to school maybe?? Haha :)


Have you ever heard of Dave Ramsey? My husband and I follow his guidelines to finances. We have one credit card that we NEVER use, its basically an emergency thing just to have on hand and it helps to actually build credit. Aside from my own student loans that I had no choice in getting at the time, that is our only debt. Our motto is, if we dont have the money for something then we dont buy it. We are working on a continuing to build our savings up for investments in the next couple of years. My husband's father is very very much investment/business smart and has helped us tremendously in guidance with the above.

That story truly made me sad!!!

Fabulously Broke

Aw... THANKS for ze link! :)

My other favourite PF people that you may like are:

Larry Winget (tell it like it is)
Gail Vaz-Oxlade

As for paying off my debt, it was anti-climatic when I finally did, but the journey was exhilarating to see that balance drop lower and lower..

It was such an indescribable high.


Oy - where to begin... I'm paying down the debt and am one paycheck away from paying off two credit card and then I'm working on the others... I know I know - bad Lys. I haven't really charged anything since the holidays and it's been nice to work on getting that number down since I plan on buying a house in the next couple of years.

However, since you brought up FB, that gal (and her site) are FABULOUS! Thanks to her budgeting sheet (and my lovely overworked financial excel book) I feel like I have a strong grasp on my finances and can stop wincing when I look at my bank accounts.


This post hit home. I am paying off a huge debt (mine not my husband's) because of my addiction to shopping. People might laugh but it really is an addiction like other things can be. Anyway, I've learned my lesson the hard way and have been very very good and trying to pay cash for things that are necessities. Being in debt is miserable and depressing and it seems like its never going to end. Especially when its incurred late in life (40+ age).

Don't let credit cards get the best of you - they are evil. Save them for medical emergencies and things of that nature.


Hi Marie! Right there with you. I would love to chat! I have learned my lesson one final time. Here's to being debt free. Thanks Di for the post!!!

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